Intended to Help Control
Trocar Insertion Depth and
Provide Greater Stability
During Laparoscopic Procedures

The Laprostop® is a disposable plastic device that helps to control trocar insertion depth. It attaches easily to a trocar and can be locked into place at any point along the cannula. If the surgeon chooses to, the Laprostop can be sutured in using the suturing ports in the flange, helping to provide further stability during the procedure. It is easy to use and requires a minimal amount of training; the Laprostop can be attached and sutured into place in mere seconds.

Greater Control, Stability and Peace of Mind

The anatomy of each patient is unique. The Laprostop gives the surgeon a new way to control trocar insertion depth. Once the Laprostop is attached to the trocar and the surgeon chooses to suture it into place, it will help provide lateral and vertical stability. Using the Laprostop facilitates instrument exchanges with proven savings of up to 24% operating room time. This enables the surgeon to focus on the procedure, with the peace of mind that the trocar and cannula will remain in place at a specific depth.

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