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Designed to Help Provide Control and Stability of Trocars

IRVINE, CA., August 17, 2007. Innovamed, Inc., today announced the availability of the Laprostop®, an innovative new device that helps surgeons control trocar insertion. With the popularity of laparoscopic procedures, there have been an increasing number of injuries related to trocar insertion. The Laprostop was designed with the intent to help the surgeon more effectively control the trocar during insertion by providing a way to stop the trocar at an appropriate depth. The device attaches to the outside of the trocar, and can be locked into place at any point along the cannula. If the surgeon chooses to, the Laprostop can be sutured to the patient's skin, helping to provide further stability.

"The Laprostop is a very simple solution that helps me control trocars during insertion and to keep them more stable during a procedure," says Dr. Mark Surrey, a laparoscopic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. "It can quickly be attached to the trocar by either the surgeon or one of the operating room professionals. After using the Laprostop on dozens of laparoscopic procedures, I've found that using it frees up the team to focus on the procedure and it saves time. Best of all, it gives me more peace of mind."

The Laprostop is inexpensive and disposable. It fits any style of trocar, and is available in two sizes: 5 mm and 10 mm. It's easy to use; the Laprostop can be attached and sutured into place in mere seconds.

The idea for the Laprostop came from a laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Patrick Diesfeld. "For years, I felt that some sort of device could be developed to help provide more control and stability of trocars," says Dr. Diesfeld. "So I met with John Buser, now COO of Innovamed, who had experience designing other medical devices. John and I filed for the patents and we simultaneously founded Innovamed with Dr. Mark Surrey. The rest is history."

About Innovamed

Innovamed was founded to enhance medical practice in response to physicians' needs. Innovamed uses advanced yet practical technology to develop products with maximum functionality at affordable prices. The founders and directors are established members of the health care community. The company is privately held and is headquartered in Ventura, California.