About Us

Company History

In 2006, John Buser founded Innovamed, Inc. along with surgeons Patrick Diesfeld, M.D. and Mark Surrey M.D., creating a company that was established by physicians, for physicians. The first product developed by Innovamed was the Laprostop, an attachment for trocars that is designed to help prevent accidental deep trocar insertion injuries and serve as a platform for other devices that will aid in laparoscopic surgeries. Since then, the Laprostop has evolved into a multi-use accessory for Laparoscopic surgeons doing minimally invasive surgeries.


Innovamed was founded to develop new devices to enhance medical safety, accuracy and effectiveness in response to physicians' needs. Innovamed uses advanced yet practical technology to develop products with maximum functionality at affordable prices. By keeping the products affordable, Innovamed can make them available to the widest population of doctors and patients. The founders and executives are established members of the health care community and combined, have decades of experience in the medical industry. They are dedicated to creating products that meet the highest standards that today's medical community demands.

Innovamed: Innovative Products for Enhancing Medical Practice